Wedding Photography Contract Template – Protection And Convenience Of Your Wedding Business

One of the most important and pivotal event between a man and a woman’s life is the wedding. Amazingly, today, wedding has become such a big industry all over the world and that it now has expos completely dedicated to them. Such events can be an excellent chance for partners to attend to because there, you can find everything you may need in planning a wedding or develop your own wedding business.

Speaking of business, one has to understand that it is not going to be all about romance and glamor because people, regardless of financial status spend huge amount of money for this special event. Thus, it is important to provide the assurance that all their plans that they are paying for as well as the dream wedding they have long been dreaming for can be fulfilled by your business.

In this regard, you will need to start directing your attention toward your contracts. Wedding contracts aren’t like typical business contracts and you will need to focus on developing one that exudes a romantic vibe that people will expect your business to deliver. Additionally, it should also include all the legalities of business transactions.

While the design may not be quite an issue, the components of the business agreement is important. The agreement needs to be created perfectly and all the vital clauses should be laid down well. However, if you don’t have a background in law, it can be truly confusing and would take a long time to prepare. Fortunately, you can make this process a lot easier by purchasing contract templates online.

From wedding photography to wedding planner contract template, you can get one which have been prepared and reviewed by highly experienced legal professionals. The template already includes the following elements:

· You will get the ability and choice to assign or keep the copyright in your work.

· Everything to allow you the liberty to control your work and business.

· To help ensure that your clients get the best value for their “wedding investment”, a transparent breakdown of all expenses is presented.

· All the dry legal elements.

Additionally, the contract template is an editable document so in case you need to add or edit a clause, you are free to do so. Having an easily editable template for your contract will allow you to, in just a couple of minutes, be prepared to hand over the contract to your client. This will also help demonstrate your business’s professionalism.

Indian Hand Carved Artifacts – An Exotic 5th Wedding Anniversary Wooden Gift

In ancient times, trees symbolized strength and wisdom. By the 5th year of marriage, the couple would have developed a strong deep rooted bond like a venerable oak tree and is gaining insight and understanding from the mistakes and failings of the initial five years. By now the pair would have learned the most important lesson and secret to a successful marriage is forgiveness.

Celebrating the first five years of marriage is a huge milestone. And like all wedding anniversaries, the 5th anniversary gifts has a specific material out of which they are made, that is Wood. The tradition of gifting wooden artifacts for the fifth wedding anniversary comes from practices dating from Roman times, when oak pieces were given to represent strength, stability, and longevity, all necessary for a successful marriage. These days various other types of wood like sheesham are given for fifth year anniversary gifts, yet the message nonetheless remains the same, that is, the marriage is all about planting roots and settling into a durable and long-lived union.

Wood might be less conventional gift material than it was during the Roman times, but there are still plenty of ways to give the traditional wooden gift on the 5th wedding anniversary. Whether you are celebrating your own anniversary or looking to gift to a couple you know, Indian handcrafted artifacts area perfect choice.

The following sequence of steps shows the techniques that are involved in the making of a traditional Indian wooden hand crafted artifact:


Sourcing and transporting raw material. Most of the wood used are either Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) or Mango wood (Tree bearing Mango fruit).


The wood planks so obtained are numbered and dated and piled in a safe location not exposed to direct sunlight. Passage of air between the planks allows seasoning of the wood which may be a process taking 1-4 years.


The seasoned wood is then sent to the carpenter who carries out outlining on the log of wood using a template and cutting or chiselling the edges of the design.


Dismantled pieces are then carved at edges. The process includes inscribing (making motifs on wood), undercutting (creating 3 dimensional layers), open or lattice work (creating see-through jali work), deep carving (creating raised designs of up to 5 inch depth), semi carving (thin panel design along the rim with central motif) or shallow carving (motifs chased in pencil to give a little depth).


Making fine details using hand chisels.

Nailing and Assembling

Assembling all parts using nails (in case of large products, smaller pieces are joined together and then carved). Accurately made carpentry joineries; hinge joint, dove and tail joint are used.


Smoothing the surface, applying protective coating and finishing the product.